Ladies' Photo and Video Shootings

Do you wonder how we do photo shooting for our ladies? Now you have a great opportunity to watch the backstage process!

A picture paints a thousand words:
ladies photo and video shootings.

We have made a video about our ladies at a photo and video sessions! It is magic. We make our ladies feel comfortable and confident at a photo and video shootings.  Our ladies  do their best to look beautiful, desired and sexy to be attractive for you!

In our opinion they coped with it perfectly. And now you can see it with your own eyes! Don't miss the opportunity to watch this video and our gorgeous ladies!

Professional photo and video session

After the photo and video session every girl feels like a queen, because in all cases the efforts made by managers and photographers are well worth it. Our duty is to help all of them...

It is not always easy to help girls because many of them do not believe in themselves, in their beauty and their ability to attract. When the  lady  looks at her new photos, she typically remarks: "I look great!!! However, nobody will write to me!!!"

It takes a lot of work to make these  romantic girls  believe in themselves, to open their beauty and to show the true them to their future soul mates.

Why the ladies are so beautiful on the pictures?

Very often our members ask us why all the girls from the agency are so beautiful, most of them look like the models from the modern magazines. When you look at the girls on a site, you think that they are too pretty to exist in reality, but they are real. But looking at the smiling face of a beauty, men very rarely know how much work has been done to show the girl in her best appearance.

Every day a lot of ladies come to our agency. All of them are different: age, style, appearance, professions, hobbies and the only thing which unites all of them, is the strong wish to be happy and to create their own family. Only managers and translators know, how many broken hearts are hidden under the smiling beautiful faces.

We have very good relationships with all our lady members, a lot of them come to the agency every day, so we become real friends. It is impossible to get to know a person just by looking at the pictures, it is better to see how a person moves, smiles and how she speaks.

That's why we make videos of many girls to help them to show their personality better, they say a little about themselves and it gives them the opportunity to show prospective partners what the ladies are like in real life. Unlike other agencies UaDreams does photo sessions and video shooting for our ladies free of charge! We work with our every member for the benefit of both sides!

Favorable comments of our lady members:

Natalia from UaDreams

When I came to the agency UaDreams I was suggested to make the photoshoot here. I was told what I need to do or to have with me to make the photoshoot but the most important is that I must have a good mood. I was explained that the visagist would come to make a wonderful make up for me to look beautiful…

I was very happy to try this opportunity to make the photo shoot and be a model and to have a nice pictures in my profile. I wanted to look beautiful and amazing  sweet ukrainian girl...

I was very nervous. At the day of photoshoot I was made a good make up that showed all my great features and my hair looked so nice and naturally. At the first time it was hard for me and I didn't feel comfortable myself, but after a while I got used to and started to pose more confident, feminine and even played tricks.... The photographer helped me very much during the photoshoot. A very large percentage of success of the photoshoot depends on his support and professionalism...

I got much wonderful emotions from the photoshoot and I was very happy to feel myself a beautiful lady and model... My great mood and positive emotions reflect my pictures in my profile.

Thank you so much for spending a wonderful time and pleasant and wonderful emotions during the photoshoot!

Inna from UaDreams

It's really great the agency gives such services as photo shooting and professional make up for the ladies for free.

I worried a little bit getting ready for the photo shooting as it was my first time. The make up artist did a really good job and looked beautiful. The lady photographer was very friendly and I felt as if we had been friends for a long time with her. She is really professional and knows how to do her job well. She managed to make me relax and to look really natural in the pictures.

Time passed very quickly and I even felt sorry such a wonderful photoshooting is going to its end. I felt like a real model :) I'm very thankful to the agency for everything they are doing for me!

Ilona from UaDreams

I can not but share with you all my feeling and emotions I experienced during my last photo shooting!!!!! To be open, it was not the first time for me but as it was the previous time I was little bit excited :) But all my worries melted away at once when we started this extremely interesting process if taking pictures!!!!

Thanks to professional photographer and agency staff they created for me such kind and merry atmosphere and everything went smooth and nice!!!!

Hot photo of the girl Ilona from UkraineI tried different styles such as classic pin up style and also sporty style :) And felt great thanks to wonderful atmosphere!

I haven't noticed that time flew so fast and I really didn't want to finish the photo session :)

I was satisfied and extremely happy and I want to try again soon!

It's very great that agency gave me such a wonderful chance to try myself in the role of real model :) And moreover I got plenty of positive emotions :) Thank you!!!!

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