• Service Packs "Freedom"

    Support Ukraine! Buy Service Packs “Freedom”. 30% of the price - to the support of Ukraine and its army.
    • Freedom. 20 E-mail credits + 70 minutes VideoChat + 10 Photo credits


    • Freedom. 5 E-mail credits + 35 minutes VideoChat + 5 Photo credits


  • Video Chat

    Video Chat

    Video chat is the best way to get a sight of your lady in real life. During the chat you both can see each other through your webcams. In the meantime you type your words in the chat window.

    Online video chat will help you to see your beloved lady live frequently and to know each other really well. An atmosphere of a real date is created during the chat, it is very romantic. It is also a smart way to make a new acquaintance, just choose a lady who is online now and invite her to start a chat conversation.

    If you purchase a particular quantity of chat minutes, you can divide them into several sessions with different ladies.

    Video chat is tablet and mobile friendly.

    • 10 minutes VideoChat + 3 minutes Free


    • 30 minutes VideoChat + 5 minutes Free


    • 60 minutes VideoChat + 10 minutes Free


    • 120 minutes VideoChat + 20 minutes Free


      best offer
    • 180 minutes VideoChat + 30 minutes Free


  • Video credits

    Video credits

    After watching exciting free videos in ladies' profiles you will certainly wish to get even better idea about ladies' personalities. Here video credits come in useful, as with their help you will be able to:

    • Watch additional videos in ladies' profiles;
    • Accept personal videos from ladies.

    Besides you can send your own videos to ladies. It is a great opportunity to show your lady everything important for you: your family and your pets, where you spent your last vacation, how you live or and what gives you joy.

    • 1 Video credit


    • 5 Video credits / $ 5.99 per 1 credit


    • 10 Video credits / $ 4.99 per 1 credit


    • 20 Video credits / $ 4.00 per 1 credit


      best offer
    • 50 Video credits / $ 3.39 per 1 credit


    • 100 Video credits / $ 2.99 per 1 credit


  • E-Mail credits

    E-Mail credits

    An e-mail credit includes confidential translation of two messages: your letter to a lady and her reply to you. One e-mail can contain a maximum of 4500 characters.

    Once a day you can write one free first letter to a lady or reply to her letter for free. So you will get acquainted with ladies more quickly and let them make the first impression on you.

    We guarantee the quality and rapidity of your letters' delivery. We inform the lady about the letter and she will be encouraged to respond within a reasonable time (usually in 1-3 days).

    • 1 E-mail credit


    • 5 E-mail credits / $ 6.79 per 1 credit


    • 10 E-mail credits / $ 5.99 per 1 credit


    • 20 E-mail credits / $ 4.99 per 1 credit


    • 50 E-mail credits / $ 4.59 per 1 credit


      best offer
    • 100 E-mail credits / $ 3.99 per 1 credit


    • 200 E-mail credits / $ 3.49 per 1 credit


  • Letter Decoration

    Letter Decoration

    Thanks to the decoration your letters to ladies will look festively and express your feelings.

    You can choose any background you like among our patterns. Besides you will find a lot of additional elements like flowers, hearts etc. or images associated with various holidays there. Or make it easy: just choose a ready combination of a background and a small image.

    After the decorated letter is translated, it is given to your lady beautifully printed like a postcard.

    A HALF of an e-mail credit is needed to decorate one letter.

    • 1 E-mail credit (you may use it for 2 decorations)


    • 5 E-mail credits (you may use it for 10 decorations)


    • 10 E-mail credits (you may use it for 20 decorations)


      best offer
    • 20 E-mail credits (you may use it for 40 decorations)


  • Photos and Audio credits

    Photos and Audio credits

    Photo credits are used for actions both with photos and audios. 1 photo credit is equal to 1 photo sent or accepted; or 1 audio file that you send to a lady or accept from a lady.

    Sending and accepting photos

    If you send a photo to a lady, it will be printed on high-resolution photo paper. Then we will invite her to accept your photos. At the lady's request we can send her your photos in soft copy.

    A lady can send you her photos as well. If her photos exist only in hard copies, we will provide all the necessary services to transfer them from paper to soft copies.

    You may also use photo credits for moving your photos from Private to Public folder in your profile. Note that the first moving is free for you.

    Sending and accepting audios

    You can send your lady an audio file with your recorded voice or your favourite song, or music. Please, be aware that such kind of message should be less than 5 min.

    Ladies also can send you audio files of the same kind.

    • 1 Photo credit


    • 5 Photo credits / $ 3.79 per 1 credit


    • 10 Photo credits / $ 3.49 per 1 credit


    • 20 Photo credits / $ 2.99 per 1 credit


      best offer
    • 40 Photo credits / $ 2.49 per 1 credit


  • SMS to the Lady

    SMS to the Lady

    The quickest way to deliver your words to your lady is through a text message. Adding some interactivity to your life is a great idea!

    The main advantage of a text message is that your lady does not need an internet connection to receive it. The message is delivered directly to her phone number, making it a convenient way to show your love and support in the moment.

    A single text message can contain a maximum of 140 characters and costs 1 email credit. What could be more romantic than expressing your feelings to her instantly?

    • 1 E-mail credit


    • 5 E-mail credits / $ 6.79 per 1 credit


    • 10 E-mail credits / $ 5.99 per 1 credit


    • 20 E-mail credits / $ 4.99 per 1 credit


    • 50 E-mail credits / $ 4.59 per 1 credit


      best offer
    • 100 E-mail credits / $ 3.99 per 1 credit


    • 200 E-mail credits / $ 3.49 per 1 credit


  • Custom Photo Shooting

    Custom Photo Shooting

    Do you want to get new professional pictures of your lady? Then custom photo shooting comes in very handy for you. These photos will not be displayed in her public profile on UaDreams and will belong only to you.

    You just choose the number of photos and inform us about your wishes concerning the photo milieu. For example, you want to see your lady in the studio or outside, in the street, against a background of some local monuments, parks, landscapes etc. The photos will be made by a professional photographer and will be delivered to you and your lady as soon as they are ready.

    You can also order a professional make-up for your lady so that she looks perfectly in the photos. Once the photos are ready can create a lovely slideshow.

    • 10 Custom photos


    • 20 Custom photos


      best offer
    • Professional Make Up


  • Professional Make-up

    Professional Make-up

    Professional make-up is performed by a make-up artist to underline your lady's beauty. It can be used as an additional service to custom photo shooting, video slide show, custom videos, video conference or video chat. These services perfectly complement each other, if you want to estimate and enjoy your lady's charming appearance to the fullest.

    • Professional Make Up


  • Custom Videos

    Custom Videos

    Custom video is a personal video made by lady specially for you, if you want to ask her some special questions.

    After ordering a custom video, please inform our support center about your lady's ID number and send us your list of questions. When we receive this list, we will invite the lady to the branch office, ask her your questions and film her replies.

    The average video duration is more that 2 min. But the running time depends on the quantity of questions given to your lady.

    • 1 Custom video


      best offer
  • Video Conference

    Video Conference

    Video conference is of service to you if you want to see and hear your lady in online mode.

    We use Skype for the live videoconference and also web cam and microphone. All you need to do is to set up Skype on your computer and to register under the certain name (this program is free of charge). The setup file is on the folliwing link: www.skype.com

    After you set them up, purchase a certain time that you would like to spend with your lady on the videoconference and inform us about your registration nick on Skype. Please let us know the date and time of the conference call. It should be done a couple of days prior the planned date of the call.

    Even if you don't have a webcam and microphone, you can hear and see your lady and write her online messages through the chat system of this program. An interpreter will help your lady and you during your communication.

    The time of one video conference can't be divided into several sessions.

    • Conference for 30 minutes


      best offer
    • Conference for 60 minutes


  • Foreign language courses for your lady

    Foreign language courses for your lady

    Foreign language courses for your lady will help you to take away the language barrier between you and her. It is a way to think about your future, when your relationship becomes serious and no translator accompanies you.

    You can choose the following types of lessons for your lady:

    • basic course (lessons are 2 times a week). The length of the course is 8 months.
    • intensive course (lessons are 3 times a week). The length of the course is 6 months.

    Before ordering the course please agree with your lady, if she can find time to attend lessons.

    After the lessons type is chosen, a preliminary test will be offered to your lady and a study group will be chosen corresponding to her knowledge level. The result will be swift to notice thanks to energy and creativity of the teachers, as well as opened and democratical atmosphere of the course. Your lady will attend all lessons with great pleasure, and you will enjoy communication with her in your native language very soon.

    Purchasing English lessons along with any Student’s Book you get a students book with 50% discount.

    • Basic English courses / price per 1 month


    • Intensive English courses / price per 1 month


      best offer
  • Translation services

    Translation services

    While visiting Ukraine you will need help of a professional translator / guide. We have both male and female staff that can help you and your lady with English translation.

    If you need assistance with translation from other foreign languages (except for English), please contact our support center for more detailed information.

    Minimum amount of translation time is 30 minutes. Even if you use 10 minutes of translation service, it will be rounded up to 30 minutes.

    Please be aware that translation time does not necessarily start when your lady is present on the meeting. It is counted while you're interacting with the translator as well and ends once you don't need assistance any more.

    Translator's work during public holidays including New Year (December 31) is to be paid at the rate of double time. For example, the cost of 2 hours of translation during these days equals 4 hours of interpreter's assistance during regular working days.

    • Translator 3 hours


    • Translator 4 hours


    • Translator 6 hours


    • Translator 7 hours


    • Translator 9 hours


  • Personal Package Delivery

    Personal Package Delivery

    If you wish to send some stuff to your lady through the post, we will gladly accept your package and invite her to the office for picking it up.

    Please pay first for the personal delivery of your package and contact our staff to verify your order and get the delivery address.

    Please note that companies such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT provide only courier services and they ALWAYS charge recipient for picking up a package. The cost of customs clearance remains unknown until the recipient agrees to accept it.

    If your package reaches customs and it becomes known that a fee must be paid, we will ask you to pay this fee. UaDreams doesn't pay any fees for packages. Then the transport of the package to Ukraine is continued.

    Please, verify your order and the delivery address with us. Always check country-specific prohibitions, restrictions and observations before shipping the package.

    We recommend using Priority Mail Express International. It is a reliable, high-speed mail service available to over 190 countries. Packages sent through this postal service and of total value less than EUR 100 / 110 USD are tax-free and the recipient is not obliged to pay customs fees.

    We always check packages before giving them to the ladies. Please do not send any piece of paper with your contact information on it inside the Package as it will be withdrawn. We are not responsible for the packages that did not get to our offices due to the theft of mail, customs fees etc.

    • Personal Package Delivery


  • Hot offer

    Spring Bouquet

    Spring Bouquet


    This amazing bouquet will be the best present on Women's Day! Choose it to make her feel the most happiest woman on such a special occasion.
  • Most Popular

    Elegant sIeepwear

    Elegant sIeepwear


    This sIeepwear can be a nice present only to a close friend. You can be sure, it will fit her body and will suit her.
  • Random

    200 kisses

    200 kisses


    This certificate will allow your lady to choose any gift from our site for the given amount. The cost of 1 kiss is equal to 1 USD.

Age verification for alcohol products: we check the birth date 18+ in passport before delivering the order to the recipient.

Pricing & availability: all pricing and product availability are subject to change. Product may be substituted for the same kind and quality at any time. According to the member's or the lady's request, the product can be substituted to another one and/or the Gift certificate.

Gifts Delivery: Due to the current war time in Ukraine, we have to make the Home Delivery Service mandatory for all gifts. It will be added to the gifts automatically. Office Delivery is temporary cancelled because our offices are closed for visitors.
Unfortunately, we cannot deliver gifts to regions within Ukraine currently under occupation or subject to international sanctions.

Delivery time is 3-5 business days. In case the special delivery term is required, please contact our friendly members' service.